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'Above The Drowning Sea' movie poster
3.60 out of 5
4.10 out of 5
3.80 out of 5

Above The Drowning Sea movie

Rene Balcer Nicola Zavaglia
Julianna Margulies Tony Goldwyn Nick Mancuso
A documentary about Jewish refugees from Nazi Europe who, at a time when all doors were closed to them, found sanctuary in Shanghai, thanks to the intervention of Chinese diplomat Ho Feng Shan who as Chinese consul in Vienna defied the Nazis and...
'Halkaa (Relief)' movie poster

Halkaa (Relief) movie

Nila Madhab Panda
Tathastu Ranvir Shorey Paoli Dam
This lovely family film that addresses social issues in a light-hearted manner follows Pichku, a boy growing up in one of Delhi’s oldest slums, who fights against having to defecate in the open. After failing to convince his family and others to...
'Mehsampur' movie poster

Mehsampur movie

Kabir Singh Chowdhry
Lal Chand Devrath Joshi Navjot Randhawa
Quirky filmmaker Devrath arrives in Punjab to make a movie on the popular folk-singing duo Amar Singh Chamkila and Amarjot Kaur who were assassinated in the village of Mehsampur in 1988. He rescues a wannabe actress from lechers and finds a...
'The Ashram' movie poster

The Ashram movie

Ben Rekhi
Sam Keeley Manoel Orfanaki Hera Hilmar
After receiving a cryptic message, Jamie journeys deep into the Indian Himalayas to pick up on the trail of his girlfriend who has disappeared. There, he discovers a secretive community led by a guru with alleged mystical powers. As he tries to...
'Bengal Shadows' movie poster

Bengal Shadows movie

Joy Banerjee and Partho Bhattacharya
Soumitra Chatterjee Madhushree Mukerjee Richard Toye
This hard-hitting documentary brings to light a lesser-known episode of the Second World War – the 1943 famine, during which time several million people starved to death in Bengal. Today, numerous historians, researchers and writers, from both...
'T For Taj Mahal' movie poster

T For Taj Mahal movie

Kireet Khurana
Subrat Dutta Ali Faulkner Pitobash
In this inspirational charmer, an illiterate villager runs a roadside eatery near the main road to the world famous Taj Mahal. He is concerned that another generation of the villagers will also grow up without an education and get ridiculed and...
'Bhasmasur' movie poster

Bhasmasur movie

Nishil Sheth
Trimala Adhikari Mittal Chouhan
The former thief Dhaanu is heavily in financial debt, he returns to his Rajasthan village from the city to hide from a moneylender. His back against the wall, he decides to sell the prized family donkey, Bhasmasur, with whom his son, Tipu, shares...
'Cycle' movie poster

Cycle movie

Prakash Kunte
Hrishikesh Joshi Priyadarshan Jadhav Bhalchandra Kadam
In the village of Bhugaon, Keshav is a well-known astrologer with an even more famous yellow cycle, known as Sunshine. The cycle, inherited from his grandfather after he passed away, is Keshav’s most prized possession. One evening two wandering...
'Uma' movie poster

Uma movie

Srijit Mukherji
Jishu Sengupta Sayantika Banerjee Sara Sengupta
Uma, a young girl who lives with her father in Switzerland, is diagnosed with a disease that could be terminal. Her greatest desire in life is to participate in the Durga Puja, the annual joyous celebrations which take place in October. The...
'My Son Is Gay' movie poster

My Son Is Gay movie

Lokesh Kumar
Anupama Kumar Ashwinjith Abhishek Joseph George
Varun is a happy-go-lucky, handsome young man who is the apple of his mother Lakshmi’s eye. He believes his mother would be by his side no matter what. When Lakshmi discovers Varun is gay, she is shocked and vows it is something she will  never...
'Hva Vil Folk Si (What Will People Say)' movie poster
3.65 out of 5
3.90 out of 5
3.75 out of 5

Hva Vil Folk Si (What Will People Say) movie

Iram Haq
Maria Mozhdah Adil Hussain
Director Iram Haq’s compelling tale has been collecting awards worldwide since its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival. It tells of a young Pakistani teenager, Nisha whose happy-double-life in Norway is torn apart when her father...
'Venus' movie poster

Venus movie

Eisha Marjara
Debargo Sanyal Jamie Mayers Pierre-Yves Cardinal
An award-winning, laugh-out-loud comedy about alternative family values, selfempowerment and love. Sid is a Montreal Punjabi, who after years of struggling with his identity has decided to have a sex change. Other than Sid’s mom crying a lot,...
'Terminal' movie poster
2.30 out of 5
2.80 out of 5
2.50 out of 5

Terminal movie

Vaughn Stein
Margot Robbie Simon Pegg Dexter Fletcher
In the dark heart of a sprawling, anonymous city, TERMINAL follows the twisting tales of two assassins carrying out a sinister mission, a teacher battling a fatal illness, an enigmatic janitor and a curious waitress leading a dangerous double...
'Ellipsis' movie poster
3.00 out of 5
3.20 out of 5
3.08 out of 5

Ellipsis movie

David Wenham
Paul Anderson Emily Barclay Ferdinand Hoang
Viv (Emily Barclay) is killing time in Sydney, waiting to fly to London the next day. When she crashes into a stranger, Jasper (Paul Anderson), on the street and breaks her phone, the pair decide take a chance, and embark on an adventure across...
'Swinging Safari' movie poster
3.40 out of 5
2.85 out of 5
3.18 out of 5

Swinging Safari movie

Stephan Elliott
Guy Pearce Kylie Minogue Radha Mitchell
Pass the Iced VoVos* and crack open the chateau d’cardboard (aka wine box) as Kylie Minogue and Guy Pearce reunite for the first time since Neighbours, in the latest feature from Stephan Elliott (Priscilla, Queen of the Desert), a madcap comedy...
'Blue' movie poster
3.40 out of 5
3.85 out of 5
3.58 out of 5

Blue movie

Karina Holden
BLUE is a provocative journey into the ocean realm, witnessing this critical moment in time when the marine world is on a precipice.
'The BBQ' movie poster
1.90 out of 5
2.45 out of 5
2.12 out of 5

The BBQ movie

Stephen Amis
Shane Jacobson Magda Szubanski Manu Feildel
Proud father Dazza Cook (Shane Jacobson) is not only convinced he’s related to the man who ‘discovered’ Australia, Captain Cook, but that his beloved BBQ is the very one the famous explorer fashioned on the beaches of Sydney at the first...
'Polterheist' movie poster

Polterheist movie

David Gilbank
Pushpinder Chani Polly Lister Paul Royston
Two gangsters are given 72 hours to discover the whereabouts of a stash of drug money stolen by their boss. There's only one problem...they just murdered him. Frantic to find the cash, the hapless criminals kidnap a psychic medium and force her to...
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