'Corpse Bride' movie poster
'Corpse Bride' movie poster
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Corpse Bride

2005 | 1h 17m | Animation/Cartoon, Comedy, Romance

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3.6000000000 out of 5
3.6000000000 out of 5
3.60 out of 5

A young man called Victor is spirited away from his 19th-century European village to the underworld, where he is hurriedly married to the mysterious Corpse Bride. His one true love, Victoria, waits patiently for him in the land of the living but there seems to be no escape from his current predicament. Victor resigns himself to his hellish fate and tries to make the best of a nightmare situation. In time, he realises that there is no force - good or evil - that can keep him apart from his beloved Victoria.


Tim Burton Mike Johnson


Johnny Depp Helena Bonham Carter Emily Watson

Release date

21 Oct 2005

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