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'Love And Other Cults' movie poster
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Love And Other Cults

2017 | 1h 35m | Comedy, Drama

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Born in a regional city, a young girl named Ai (Sairi Ito) is sent to a cult commune by her religious maniac mother and lives there for seven long years. After the cult is exposed by the police, Ai starts a new, normal life going to a regular middle school, but can't find a place to fit in normal society. Ai drops out to continue finding her path in life, first living with a rock-bottom delinquent family, then moving on to be part of a middle-class family, all along trying to find her place in this world. The only person who understands Ai is Ryota (Kenta Suga), another drop-out and cast-off f...


Eiji Uchida


Sairi Itô Kenta Suga Kaito Yoshimura

Release date

01 Jul 2017

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