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'To Die For' movie poster
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To Die For

1995 | 1h 46m | Comedy, Thriller

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The price of fame is murder -- or at least it is in the mind of one woman in New Hampshire. Suzanne Stone (Nicole Kidman) has spent most of her life wanting to be famous; she's attractive, speaks well, and imagines herself to be intelligent (imagines is the key word here), so she has set her sights on becoming a TV anchorwoman. However, opportunities for female broadcasters are hard to come by in Little Hope, New Hampshire, and she's convinced that her husband, the once handsome but now flabby restaurant manager Larry Maretto (Matt Dillon), is just getting in her way. Suzanne gets herself a sp...


Gus Van Sant


Nicole Kidman Matt Dillon Illeana Douglas Joaguin Phoenix Casey Affleck

Release date

16 Jun 1995

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