'Time Bandits' movie poster
'Time Bandits' movie poster
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Time Bandits

1981 | 1h 50m | Action/Adventure, Comedy, Family

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A young boy joins a group of renegade dwarves on an unpredictable journey through time in this humorous fantasy. Monty Python animator Terry Gilliam mostly achieves a tricky balancing act in his second feature as sole director, creating a dark, irreverent comedy disguised as a family adventure. Particularly amusing are the boy's encounters with various historical figures, including an entertainment-starved Napoleon (Ian Holm), a powerful Agamemnon (Sean Connery), and a surprisingly stuffy Robin Hood, embodied by Gilliam's Python cohort John Cleese. Episodic by nature, the film is less successf...


Terry Gilliam


John Cleese Sean Connery Shelley Duvall Katherine Helmond Ian Holm Michael Palin Ralph Richardson Peter Vaughan David Warner David Rappaport

Release date

02 Jul 1981

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