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The Old Dark House

1932 | 1h 12m | Horror Thriller Classic

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It's a wildly varied group that takes shelter from a raging English storm in the forbidding mansion of the Femm family. Among the reluctant guests are stuffed-shirt Philip Waverton (Raymond Massey): Philip's sensitive wife Margaret (Gloria Stuart); their mutual friend, disillusioned war veteran Roger Penderell (Melvyn Douglas); vulgar self-made millionaire Sir William Porterhouse (Charles Laughton); and Porterhouse's no-better-than-she-ought-to-be lady friend Gladys DuCane (Lillian Bond). Under the baleful eyes of ungracious, atheistic host Horace Femm (Ernst Thesiger) and Horace's religious-z...


James Whale



Boris Karloff Melvyn Douglas Charles Laughton Lilian Bond Ernest Thesiger Eva Moore Raymond Massey Gloria Stuart Elspeth Dudgeon Brember Wills

Release date

20 Oct 1932

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