'Day of Wrath (Vredens dag)' movie poster
'Day of Wrath (Vredens dag)' movie poster
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Day of Wrath (Vredens dag)

1948 | 1h 37m | Drama, Romance

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Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer's Day of Wrath (Vredens Dag) is set in 1623 Denmark, where Anne Pedersdotter (Lisbeth Movin), the second wife of a Danish pastor, grows to loathe her husband for his self-asceticism and instead falls in love with the minister's son - with whom she spends an inordinate amount of time. Locals overhear her wishing aloud for her husband's death; when he dies of a stroke not long after, she is accused of witchcraft, a charge taken seriously enough to be punishable by death. Eventually, the poor woman is tortured and traumatized to such a point that she actually b...


Carl Theodor Dreyer


Kirsten Andreasen Sigurd Berg Albert Høeberg Harald Holst Emanuel Jørgensen Sophie Knudsen Preben Lerdorff Rye Lisbeth Movin Preben Neergaard Sigrid Neiiendam

Release date

24 Apr 1948

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