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The Beach

2000 | 2h 0m | Drama

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The desire to find something real - to connect with something or someone - is what drives Richard, a young American backpacker who arrives in Thailand with adventure on his mind. Travel, he asserts, is the search for experience, the quest for something different. At a cheap hotel in Bangkok, Richard meets a French couple, Etienne and Francoise. He also encounters Daffy, an older traveler ravaged by years of sun and drugs. Rambling and paranoid, Daffy tells Richard the improbable tale of a secret island, a paradise on earth: the perfect beach, unsullied by tourists. The next day, Richard finds ...


Danny Boyle



Leonardo DiCaprio Tilda Swinton Virginie Ledoyen Guillaume Canet

Release date

11 Feb 2000

Showtimes across London

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