'Phantasm' movie poster
'Phantasm' movie poster
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1979 | 1h 28m | Horror, Sci-Fi

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Phantasm is a surprisingly artful and imaginative horror film, an impressive film for 23-year-old director Don Coscarelli who worked with a miniscule budget to create a small masterpiece. When Mike (Michael Baldwin) spies some sinister Jawa-like creatures stealing corpses from the local cemetery, he and his older brother Jody (Bill Thornbury) explore the mausoleum, where they find that the mortician (Angus Scrimm), a towering, emaciated figure with superhuman strength, has somehow bridged the gap between Earth and the afterworld and needs fresh corpses. Among the tools of his trade is a flying...


Don Coscarelli


A. Michael Baldwin Bill Thornbury Reggie Bannister Kathy Lester Terrie Kalbus

Release date

01 Jun 1979

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