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'Overboard' movie poster
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1987 | 1h 46m | Comedy, Romance

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Snobbish heiress Joanna Stayton hires carpenter Dean Proffitt to construct a huge closet on her yacht for her lavish wardrobe. Dean completes the project, but when Joanna learns that he failed to use cedar as she wished, she refuses to pay him for the job. Some time later, Joanna falls overboard and is struck by a boat, giving her a case of amnesia. When Dean sees the story on the news, he concocts a scheme to pretend that she is his wife, Annie. Believing that she is Annie, Joanna moves in with Dean and becomes mother to his four unruly boys, a role for which she is quite unprepared and total...


Garry Marshall


Goldie Hawn Kurt Russell Edward Herrmann Katherine Helmond Mike Hagerty Roddy McDowall Jared Rushton Jeffrey Wiseman Brian Price Jamie Wild

Release date

16 Dec 1987

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