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'3 Women' movie poster
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3 Women

1977 | 2h 4m | Drama

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Robert Altman's Three Women takes a surreal, improvisational and rather eerie look at the lives of three women in a western desert town. The plot centers around the youngest of the women, Pinky (Sissy Spacek), an eccentric, withdrawn woman trying to begin a new life. She finds work as an attendant at a hot springs spa catering to the elderly and infirm. There she befriends her co-worker Millie (Shelley Duvall), an equally strange but more outgoing woman; the two bond, and are soon sharing an apartment. Pinky becomes increasingly dependent on Millie, eventually adopting aspects of her personali...


Robert Altman


Shelley Duvall Sissy Spacek Janice Rule Robert Fortier Ruth Nelson John Cromwell Sierra Pecheur Craig Richard Nelson Maysie Hoy Belita Moreno

Release date

03 Apr 1977

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