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'Seconds' movie poster
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1966 | 1h 48m | Sci-Fi, Thriller

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Arthur Hamilton (John Randolph) is a listless Manhattan businessman who lives with his wife in the New York suburbs. One day, he runs into an old friend (Murray Hamilton) whom he thought had died. The friend leads him to The Company, a secretive operation run by The Old Man (Will Geer). The Company is a high-tech service which, for a price, provides older men with plastic surgery, a beefed-up body, and a fresh start in life. To cover the disappearance, a middle-aged male cadaver is killed in a hotel fire. Hamilton submits to the operation that will turn him into a Second, and when the bandages...


John Frankenheimer


Rock Hudson Salome Jens John Randolph Will Geer

Release date

16 May 1966

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