'Two-Lane Blacktop' movie poster
'Two-Lane Blacktop' movie poster
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Two-Lane Blacktop

1971 | 1h 41m | Drama

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The surface story is a quixotic cross country road race between dapper sociopath playboy Warren Oates driving a showroom GTO and ultra-laconic proto-grunge hippie gearheads James Taylor and Dennis Wilson behind the wheel of their primer gray souped-up '55 Chevy. In director Monte Hellman's hands, however, the raw materials of an AIP hot rod flick take on dark mythic overtones while becoming a quintessential document of end-of the '60s millennialism.


Monte Hellman


James Taylor Warren Oates Laurie Bird Dennis Wilson David Drake Richard Ruth Rudy Wurlitzer Harry Dean Stanton Jaclyn Hellman Bill Keller

Release date

20 Oct 1971

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