'Theorem (Teorema)' movie poster
'Theorem (Teorema)' movie poster
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Theorem (Teorema)

1968 | 1h 38m | Drama

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Terence Stamp is known only as The Visitor in Pier Paolo Pasolini's Teorema. The mysterious stranger insinuates himself into the home of a wealthy Italian family, where he exerts a curious, sensual spirituality over everyone in the household. He then wanders into the nearby village, where he casually begins performing all manner of miracles. Because he reveals so little about his innermost thoughts, The Visitor becomes all things to all people. What it boils down to is this: Is the enigmatic visitor Christ, or is he the Devil? Matching Terence Stamp's multi-textured performance every step of t...


Pier Paolo Pasolini


Silvana Mangano Terence Stamp Massimo Girotti Anne Wiazemsky Andrés José Cruz Soublette Laura Betti Ninetto Davoli Carlo De Mejo Adele Cambria Giovanni Ivan Scratuglia

Release date

27 Nov 1968

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