'The Human Stain' movie poster
'The Human Stain' movie poster
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The Human Stain

2004 | 1h 46m | Drama, Romance

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Coleman Silk is a man who, throughout his life, has been a master of deception and self-reinvention. As a promising college student, Coleman's first love, Steena, is shattered by a secret. Years later, as an esteemed professor, his career is ruined by false accusations. Now as he embarks on a scandalous affair with the mysterious Faunia, Coleman experiences an erotic reawakening that carries him back to the past. But with his resurrected passion also comes the threat of danger from Faunia's ex-husband, and Coleman is faced with the imperative to expose his true identity before it is too late.


Robert Benton


Anthony Hopkins Nicole Kidman Ed Harris Gary Sinise Mili Avital

Release date

23 Jan 2004

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