'Woman in the Dunes' movie poster
'Woman in the Dunes' movie poster
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Woman in the Dunes

1964 | 2h 3m | Drama

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When entomologist Jumpei (Eiji Okada) travels to sand dunes on an expedition, he is met by a group of people who offer him a place to spend the night. They soon lead him to a house at the bottom of a sandpit. Upon climbing into the pit, he finds a young widow (Kyoko Kishida) living alone. Placed there by the villagers, her task is to dig sand out of the pit -- not only so that they can avoid getting buried, but so that the locals can use it for construction. The next morning, when Jumpei attempts to leave, he finds that the ladder which brought him into the pit is no longer there and the villa...


Hiroshi Teshigahara


Kyoko Kishida Eisi Okada Hiroko Ito Koji Mitsui Sen Yano Ginzo Sekiguchi

Release date

25 Oct 1964

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