'Vagabond' movie poster
'Vagabond' movie poster


2017 | 1h 45m | Drama

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Vagabond, directed by Agnes Varda is the dark disturbing story of a female drifter named Mona (Sandrine Bonnaire). The film opens as Mona's frozen body is found in a drainage ditch and proceeds to tell her story in a series of flashbacks and semi-documentary style interviews with the people who have known Mona during the last few weeks of her life. Mona is a distant, independent and not-very-likeable woman who goes from place to place, living where she can and with anyone who will take her in. Mona's true nature remains a puzzle, both to those who thought they knew her, and to the audience. As...


Agnès Varda


Sandrine Bonnaire Setti Ramdane Francis Balchère Jean-Louis Perletti Urbain Causse Christophe Alcazar Dominique Durand Joël Fosse Patrick Schmit Daniel Bos

Release date

12 May 2017

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