'The Butler (Kamerdyner)' movie poster
'The Butler (Kamerdyner)' movie poster
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The Butler (Kamerdyner)

2018 | 2h 30m | Drama, Historical/Period, Romance

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When his mother dies, Kashubian boy Mateusz (Sebastian Fabijański) is taken in by the Prussian aristocrat Gerda von Krauss (Anna Radwan). In her palace, a love affair blossoms between Mateusz and the Countess’s daughter Marita (Marianna Zydek), while the boy’s godfather Bazyli (Janusz Gajos) is a Kashub patriot fighting against Prussian influence in his homeland. An epic costume drama, The Butler spans four decades during which ethnic tensions flared in the Polish-German borderlands of Kashubia, culminating in violent atrocities.


Filip Bajon


Janusz Gajos Anna Radwan Sebastian Fabijanski

Release date

21 Sep 2018

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