'Passenger (Professione: reporter)' movie poster
'Passenger (Professione: reporter)' movie poster
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Passenger (Professione: reporter)

1979 | 2h 3m | Drama

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A melancholy, depressed and jaded television reporter assumes the identity of a dead man while at a hotel in a north African country, not knowing that the man was a renowned arms smuggler. The newsman sees this switch as a last desperate chance to escape his old life and start anew. However, as he begins to take on the characteristics of his new persona and understand his shady involvements, the decision becomes a risky one, which leads to an inevitable showdown.


Michelangelo Antonioni


Jack Nicholson Maria Schneider Jenny Runacre Ian Hendry Steven Berkoff Ambroise Bia James Campbell Manfred Spies Jean-Baptiste Tiemele Angel del Pozo

Release date

09 Apr 1979

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