'Making Montgomery Clift' movie poster
'Making Montgomery Clift' movie poster
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Making Montgomery Clift

2019 | 1h 28m | Documentary

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An absolute treat for fans of classical Hollywood and its misunderstood poster boy. Clift’s brother was a documentarian’s dream – his hobby was to collect everything, from taped phone conversations and home video to news clippings. The resulting documentary is packed with a wealth of clips featuring Clift’s greatest performances, alongside previously unseen footage and illuminating interviews. The film is also a much broader exposé of the history of tight control over Hollywood stars and the way journalists portray them. Dogged by the nauseatingly repetitive narrative of being a tragi...


Robert Anderson Clift Hillary Demmon


Montgomery Clift Brooks Clift Ethel ‘Sunny’ Clift

Release date

27 Mar 2019

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