'Call Her Ganda' movie poster
'Call Her Ganda' movie poster
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Call Her Ganda

2019 | 1h 33m | Documentary

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PJ Raval’s powerful film traces the life and fate of Jennifer Laude, a Filipino transwoman whose lifeless body was found in a hotel room. At the front of the movement crying out for justice are Jennifer’s mother Julita Laude, who works tirelessly on the case, the persistent American journalist Meredith Talusan and activist-attorney Virgie Suarez. Their aim: to ensure that the US marine responsible for Laude’s death is tried and convicted on Filipino soil. If he isn’t, American laws could potentially set him free, despite his crimes. Together, Laude, Talusan and Suarez expose double sta...


PJ Raval


Naomi Fontanos Julita Laude Virginia Lacsa Suarez

Release date

23 Mar 2019

0 Showtimes across London

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