'Tell It To The Bees' movie poster
'Tell It To The Bees' movie poster

Tell It To The Bees

2019 | 1h 45m | Drama, Romance

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In this captivating adaptaion of Fiona Shaw’s beloved novel, Anna Paquin plays Dr Jean Markham, who has come home to the small Scottish town she left long ago to take over her late father’s practice. But not everyone is pleased to see her return. Striking up a friendship with Lydia, the mother of one of her young patients, Jean marvels at the woman’s vivaciousness, unaware it’s a mask Lydia wears to hide her rapidly deteriorating home life. When she discovers Lydia has been abandoned by her husband and is unable to pay the rent, Jean offers Lydia a job and a place to say. Soon their te...


AJ Jankel


Anna Paquin Holliday Grainger Gregor Selkirk

Release date

22 Mar 2019

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