'Sunset Blvd.' movie poster
'Sunset Blvd.' movie poster
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Sunset Blvd.

1950 | 1h 50m | Drama, Classic

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An aging silent-film star ensnares a young screenwriter with tragic results

Desperate for cash, screenwriter Joe Gillis has a chance meeting with a faded silent film star. Norma Desmond lives in her crumbling Sunset Boulevard mansion with only her butler to keep her company. She has become a sad demented recluse convinced that the outside world is clamoring for her dramatic return. Enticing him with the prospect of script work she puts him up in her mansion and he becomes ever more involved and entangled in her life.


Billy Wilder


William Holden Gloria Swanson Erich von Stroheim Nancy Olson Fred Clark Lloyd Gough Jack Webb Franklyn Farnum Larry J. Blake Charles Dayton

Release date

10 Aug 1950

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