'Tre Maison Dasan' movie poster
'Tre Maison Dasan' movie poster
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Tre Maison Dasan

2018 | 1h 34m | Documentary

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Prisoners can often seem dehumanised - cold, stoic, locked into their past mistakes like they are imprisoned in their cells. Denali Tiller’s documentary TRE MAISON DASAN cracks open these secluded individuals, following three children of current and recent inmates of the Rhode Island prison system. The boys provide a spectrum of responses to the same underlying issues. Tre, aged thirteen, is teeming with adolescent anger, both resentful of and dependent upon his incarcerated father. Maison is eleven, and has Asperger Syndrome, his nervous energy and eagerness clashing against the harsh priso...


Denali Tiller


Tre Janson Dasan Lopes Maison Teixeira

Release date

04 Oct 2018

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