'Tower. A Bright Day' movie poster
'Tower. A Bright Day' movie poster
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Tower. A Bright Day

2018 | 1h 46m | World, Drama, Horror

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In an small rural community, Kaja returns to her family after a six-year absence, during which time her daughter Nina has been raised by her sister, Mula. Mula's paranoia about losing Nina leads her to impose strict rules preventing Kaja from forming a relationship with her. Amidst this and other family dramas leading up to Nina's first communion, a series of mysterious occurrences also begin to take place - some seemingly for the better; others more frightening. Screened in the Berlinale Forum, Jagoda Szelc's unsettling feature debut is a seamless blend of mystical drama and psychological hau...


Jagoda Szelc


Anna Krotoska Malgorzata Szczerbowska Anna Zubrzycki

Release date

04 Oct 2018

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