'The Last Fight' movie poster
'The Last Fight' movie poster
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The Last Fight

2018 | 1h 10m | Documentary

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THE LAST FIGHT follows pioneer Mixed Martial Arts fighter Marloes Coenen as she prepares for the fight of her career. One single win away from being crowned world champion, Coenen pushes herself to the brink of physical and mental exhaustion. At 34, does she still have a shot at the championship? A stunning defeat against Dufresne delays the title fight by a critical two years - the superstar shows signs of cracking under pressure. Vroegindeweij’s unflinching documentary focuses on the psychological and spiritual aspects of MMA. Accompanied everywhere by her head coach, energy healer, and ro...


Victor Vroegindeweij


Marloes Coenen Bruce Dern

Release date

03 Oct 2018

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