'The Odds' movie poster
'The Odds' movie poster

The Odds

2018 | 1h 47m | Horror, Indie

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A woman enters an underground endurance competition, hoping to win the million dollar prize and turn her life around. As the increasingly punishing rounds progress, she finds herself entangled in a sadistic, manipulative game with no way out.

The debut feature from writer/director Bob Giordano, THE ODDS is a tense, close psychological body horror. Featuring a principal cast of only two, it serves as a powerful allegory for domestic abuse and delivers an agonising viewing experience, culminating in a thrilling final sequence. Giordano keeps the action up-close and personal with a minimal se...


Bob Giordano


Abbi Butler James J. Fuertes Katie Gunn

Release date

07 Oct 2018

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