'Love Possibly' movie poster
'Love Possibly' movie poster
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Love Possibly

2018 | 1h 23m | Comedy, Romance, Indie

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Thirty-something London call centre operative Alex is obsessed with romantic comedies. Endlessly repeat-watching the likes of SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE and NOTTING HILL, he dreams of a relationship of his own, founded on the formulas of opposites attracting, and separation making the heart grow fonder. So, when he meets Lana on a mail-order bride website and finds they have absolutely nothing in common, he assumes he must have found the woman of his dreams. Surprisingly, Lana travels from Moldova to marry him, but Alex finds that the barriers between them - and the shadowy presence of a mysterious ...


Michael Boccalini Che Grant


Steve Hodgetts Anna Danshina Julie Nesher

Release date

30 Sep 2018

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