'Eternal Winter' movie poster
'Eternal Winter' movie poster
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Eternal Winter

2018 | 1h 50m | Drama, Historical/Period, Romance, World

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Following the Soviet occupation of Hungary in 1944, Irene is among countless women taken from her home, and placed in hell. This hell is not the fiery depths of the underworld, but the frozen wasteland of forced labour camps, where the prisoners must mine coal for their survival. ETERNAL WINTER brutally and effectively conveys the horrific conditions these women must suffer through, performing tough manual labour for uncaring foreign soldiers. Displaying the rigged system, Irene must mine coal for food, and without such food she is unable to mine coal. Despite being trapped in this seemingly e...


Attila Szász


Marina Gera Sándor Csányi Laura Döbrösi

Release date

03 Oct 2018

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