'Ederlezi Rising' movie poster
'Ederlezi Rising' movie poster
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Ederlezi Rising

2018 | 1h 26m | Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi, World

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The story between man and robot has become an integral part of science fiction narratives. This daring Serbian feature takes this relationship to a whole different level. Intimately and psychologically, EDERLEZI RISING stretches the meaning of both love and desire. Cosmonaut Milutin, trained by the futuristic Soviet Union, is sent out by Ederlezi Corporation on another space mission to Alpha Centauri. This time however is not alone. A female android, programmed to fulfil his every desire, accompanies him – testing him more than either he or Ederlezi could have anticipated. Those intrigued by...


Lazar Bodroza


Sebastian Cavazza Stoya Marusa Majer

Release date

28 Sep 2018

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