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'Damn Kids' movie poster
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Damn Kids

2018 | 1h 35m | Drama, Historical/Period, World

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In 1983, a courageous woman, Gladys, looks after her family in a working-class neighbourhood of Santiago, Chile. Secretly she is part of the revolutionary force fighting for democracy against the oppressive dictatorship of General Pinochet. DAMN KIDS is told from the perspective of Samuel, a young north American missionary living with Gladys and in Chile to spread the word of God. During his innocent ventures offering ‘progress’ to ordinary Chileans, he discovers the cruel reality of a marginalised community living in fear of systemised kidnapping and murder. He begins photographing the de...


Gonzalo Justiniano


Nathalia Aragonese Daniel Contesse Elías Collado

Release date

04 Oct 2018

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