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'The Seagull' movie poster
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The Seagull

2018 | 1h 39m | Drama, Historical/Period

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3.0500000000 out of 5
3.0500000000 out of 5
3.05 out of 5

Esteemed writer Boris Trigorin, the lover of domineering and selfish actress Irina Arkadina, seduces young innocent Nina Zarechnaya as a diversion. Once he has tired of the girl's company, Boris rejects her advances and sends her scurrying back to her beau, Irina's playwright son Konstantin, who is praying for a reconciliation. Konstantin has invested all his love in Nina so if she rejects him, the consequences will be catastrophic. Irina's brother Sorin bears witness to the carnage.


Michael Mayer


Elisabeth Moss Saoirse Ronan Annette Bening

Release date

07 Sep 2018

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