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'Bugsy Malone' movie poster
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Bugsy Malone

1976 | 1h 33m | Comedy, Drama, Family

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Here's the basic shtick of Bugsy Malone: it's a gangster picture enacted by children. Acted out before scaled-down sets, the film details the career of Bugsy Malone (Scott Baio), who rises to the top of the criminal ladder in 1920s New York. Whenever gunfire is called for, the kiddie crooks substitute whipped cream for bullets. Paul Williams contributes several songs, which are performed by adult singers and lip-synched by the pint-sized actors. The cast includes John Cassisi as diminutive Capone clone Fat Sam, and then-13-year-old Jodie Foster as the sultry nightclub thrush Tallulah.~ Hal Eri...


Alan Parker


Scott Baio Florrie Dugger Jodie Foster John Cassisi Martin Lev Paul Murphy Sheridan Earl Russell Albin 'Humpty' Jenkins Paul Chirelstein Andrew Paul

Release date

15 Sep 1976

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