'The Engagement (I Fidanzati)' movie poster
'The Engagement (I Fidanzati)' movie poster
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The Engagement (I Fidanzati)

1963 | 1h 17m | Drama, World, Classic

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In the industrial North, Giovanni is a skilled factory worker offered a promotion if he'll go to Sicily for 18 months to assist in a new department. His impending absence strains his already nearly wordless relationship with Liliana, his fiancée. They meet regularly at a dance hall and sometimes go riding on his motorcycle. We watch him arrive in Sicily, walk the town, live in a hotel, find lodgings, work, and participate in local events. It's a solitary, melancholy life. In his mind's eye he thinks about Liliana. He hasn't been entirely faithful. There's pain and detachment in her eyes. Acro...


Ermanno Olmi


Anna Canzi Carlo Cabrini

Release date

16 May 1963

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