'Escape Plan II' movie poster
'Escape Plan II' movie poster
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Escape Plan II

2018 | 1h 34m | Action/Adventure, Thriller

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Jaspar Kimbral and Shu Ren, two trusted former employees of security expert Ray Breslin, are incarcerated in a supposedly impenetrable, hi-tech jail called Hades. Ray vows to break out his buddies and he enlists the services of his right-hand woman Abigail, technical genius Hush and Luke to pull off the daring rescue. The team enlists Ray's former associate Trent Derosa, who has the muscle and expertise to bypass some of Hades' most fiendish security measures.


Stephen C. Miller


Sylvester Stallone Dave Bautista Xiaoming Huang

Release date

20 Jul 2018

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