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The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

2005 | 1h 27m | Animation/Cartoon Comedy Action/Adventure

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3.22 out of 5

SpongeBob lives at the bottom of the sea in the crazy underwater community of Bikini Bottom, where he works as a cook in the Krusty Krab diner, run by the irrepressible Eugene H Krabs. When SpongeBob loses out on promotion to Squidward Tentacles, he is distraught. But he soon has a chance to redeem himself after rival fast food mogul Plankton frames Krabs for the theft of King Neptune's legendary crown. Loyal friend Patrick Star joins SpongeBob on a perilous quest to retrieve the missing treasure.


Stephen Hillenburg Mark Osborne


Tom Kenny Jeffrey Tambor Rodger Bumpass

Release date

11 Feb 2005

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