'The Butterfly's Dream' movie poster
'The Butterfly's Dream' movie poster

The Butterfly's Dream

1994 | 1h 52m | Drama, World

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Massimo is a young actor who is a spellbinding livewire on stage. A theatre director is moved by his talent and wants to do a play about him, to turn him into a great role to be interpreted by Massimo himself. But the actor's father informs the director of his son's strange decision to renounce conventional language in everyday life, and offers a possible explanation: a disillusionment in love. The mother agrees to compose the script, perhaps to bring her son back to an equality characterised by a verbal language that is understandable to all.


Marco Bellocchio


Thierry Blanc Simona Cavallari Nathalie Boutefeu

Release date

11 May 1994

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