'The Field Guide To Evil' movie poster
'The Field Guide To Evil' movie poster

The Field Guide To Evil

2018 | 1h 57m | Horror

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The curse of forbidden love from Austria, a childbirth Djinn from Turkey, devoured heart power Polish-style, American cannibal mutants, Greek Goblins, an Indian palace of horrors, possession in the German mountains, a vicious Hungarian fairytale of a princess and her two jealous suitors – eight unusual tales of folklore, legend and myth that laid the fear foundations for the vast scope of the international horror genre. From the acclaimed directors of GOODNIGHT MOMMY, IN FABRIC, BASKIN, THE RAMBLER, THE LURE, NORWAY, DADDY and NOTHING BAD CAN HAPPEN, an avant-garde anthology of the glorious,...


Ashim Ahluwalia Can Evrenol 7 more


Claude Duhamel Sarah Navratil Jilon VanOver

Release date

27 Aug 2018

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