'Tigers Are Not Afraid' movie poster
'Tigers Are Not Afraid' movie poster
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Tigers Are Not Afraid

2018 | 1h 23m | Fantasy, Horror, World

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Thousands have been murdered or gone missing in Mexico’s ongoing violent drug war. The result is many orphaned children living on the streets caught in the unceasing cartel crossfire. In her third work of immense beauty, pain, fear and joy, writer/director Issa López tells the magical story of five such urchins making the best of their daily struggle to survive. Perfectly balanced between harsh reality and the fantastic, this unflinching cautionary fable is part PAN’S LABYRINTH, part CITY OF GOD, all innovative South of the Border fairytale.


Issa López


Paola Lara Hanssel Casillas Rodrigo Cortes

Release date

26 Aug 2018

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