'Luciferina' movie poster
'Luciferina' movie poster
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2018 | 1h 54m | Horror, World

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Two years after directing RESURRECTION, the most watched horror movie in Argentina history, Gonzalo Calzada returns with the first entry in what will become his ‘Virgin Trilogy’ of terror. Cursed with mystical powers, nineteen-year-old Natalia takes refuge in a remote convent where she is desperate to renounce the pleasures of the flesh. But when her mother commits suicide, she returns home to face her unbalanced sister who insists they embark on a voyage of discovery and self-awareness together. Soon ancestral drugs, pagan rites and a perverted version of the eternal battle between Good a...


Gonzalo Calzada


Victoria Carreras Gastón Cocchiarale Agustin Daulte

Release date

26 Aug 2018

0 Showtimes across London

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