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Dementia Part II

2018 | 1h 6m | Comedy Horror

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Made in a month from pre-production to world premiere as a Cinepocalypse challenge, this tongue-in-cheek sequel to DEMENTIA (2015) is a trippy, dippy mind-blowing Midnight Movie. Co-directed by Mike Testin and star Matt Mercer, it follows the latter as an ex-convict who has become an oddjob repairman and ends up in a house with a frightening old woman with dementia. Shot in black and white, the nightmare escalates as the woman shoves $100 bills in the hapless handyman’s pocket, stringing him along for a truly terrifying ride echoing the Sam Raimi handbook, especially EVIL DEAD and DRAG ME TO...


Matt Mercer Mike Testin


Matt Mercer Graham Skipper Stacy Snyder

Release date

25 Aug 2018

Showtimes across London

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