'Dementia Part II' movie poster
'Dementia Part II' movie poster

Dementia Part II

2018 | 1h 6m | Comedy, Horror

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Made in a month from pre-production to world premiere as a Cinepocalypse challenge, this tongue-in-cheek sequel to DEMENTIA (2015) is a trippy, dippy mind-blowing Midnight Movie. Co-directed by Mike Testin and star Matt Mercer, it follows the latter as an ex-convict who has become an oddjob repairman and ends up in a house with a frightening old woman with dementia. Shot in black and white, the nightmare escalates as the woman shoves $100 bills in the hapless handyman’s pocket, stringing him along for a truly terrifying ride echoing the Sam Raimi handbook, especially EVIL DEAD and DRAG ME TO...


Matt Mercer Mike Testin


Matt Mercer Graham Skipper Stacy Snyder

Release date

25 Aug 2018

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