'Killing God' movie poster
'Killing God' movie poster
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Killing God

2018 | 1h 32m | Comedy, Horror, World

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A remote country house in a mountainous region sounds like the perfect place for a cosy New Year’s Eve family dinner, right? But the existing family tensions get ramped up further when an uninvited guest shows up. For the homeless midget who suddenly appears from nowhere says he’s God and that when the sun rises all humanity will be wiped out. Then he tells them they can choose two people to survive. Is he really who he says? Is the impending apocalypse true? And which two should live? A pitch black, emotional horror comedy where all hell breaks loose!


Caye Casas Albert Pintó


Eduardo Antuña Itziar Castro Emilio Gavira

Release date

25 Aug 2018

0 Showtimes across London

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