'The Most Assassinated Woman In The World' movie poster
'The Most Assassinated Woman In The World' movie poster
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The Most Assassinated Woman In The World

2018 | 1h 42m | Thriller

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Paula Maxa was the most assassinated woman in the world. During her 1930s heyday the celebrated headline star of the Grand Guignol Theatre in the Pigalle district of Paris was graphically murdered more than 10,000 times in over 60 different ways. In this evocative, atmospheric, suspenseful and informative mystery inspired by historical events, the French icon is about to relive a past trauma on stage, one that will unlock family secrets and expose if the infamous landmark is involved with a series of gruesome killings for real. Perfect entertainment for fans of THE PRESTIGE and THE ILLUSIONIST...


Franck Ribière


Anna Mouglalis Niels Schneider Eric Godon

Release date

24 Aug 2018

0 Showtimes across London

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