'Teen Aur Adha (Three And A Half)' movie poster
'Teen Aur Adha (Three And A Half)' movie poster
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Teen Aur Adha (Three And A Half)

2018 | 1h 59m | Drama, Bollywood

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This beautifully layered, and stylistically groundbreaking saga narrates the story of one house which exists in three different eras. A young boy struggles with the

pressures of pre-pubescent school life. Twenty years later the house is now a brothel where a young virgin sex-worker is dealing with her first client. While 30 years later, the place is now a sublime home of an elderly couple that love, laugh and dance together, sharing many secrets of happy companionship. The film has been shot in three takes and a half-take at the end, which exhibits the house under renovation, symbolising the ...


Dar Gai


Zoya Hussain Jim Sarbh Suhasini Mulay

Release date

24 Jun 2018

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