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'Lek And The Dogs' movie poster
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Lek And The Dogs

2017 | 1h 30m | Drama

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Award winning artist and filmmaker Andrew Kotting adapts Hattie Naylor's curriculum, award-winning play, Ivan and the Dogs, for cinema. Based on the extraordinary true story of Ivan Mishukov, who walked out of his Moscow apartment at the age of four and spent two years living on the city streets where he was adopted by a pack of wild dogs. In the recession-ravaged city, the human world is dominated by deprivation and violence. When social breakdown from extremes of impoverishment, cruelty and selfishness starts to set in, a homeless child's only hope is to turn to feral dogs for company, prote...


Andrew Kotting


Xavier Tchili

Release date

16 Dec 2017

0 Showtimes across London

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