'Fermat's Room (La Habitacion De Fermat)' movie poster
'Fermat's Room (La Habitacion De Fermat)' movie poster
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Fermat's Room (La Habitacion De Fermat)

2009 | 1h 32m | Thriller, World

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The mysterious Fermat invites four scientifically talented scholars to an old warehouse to prove their worth and solve an enigma. Gifted pseudonyms by their elderly host, Galois, Hilbert, Oliva and Pascual arrive at the location without mobile 'phones as instructed, only for Fermat to be called away. No sooner are the four experts inside the warehouse than they begin to receive logic puzzles, which need to be solved as soon as possible - the longer the group takes to correctly answer each problem, the smaller the room becomes, shrunk via four hydraulic presses attached to the walls. As the spa...


Luis Piedrahita Rodrigo Sopeña


Alejo Sauras Elena Ballesteros Lluís Homar

Release date

29 May 2009

0 Showtimes across London

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