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'Eve's Bayou' movie poster
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Eve's Bayou

1998 | 1h 49m | Drama

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A young girl learns some difficult lessons about truth, love, and fidelity in this critically-acclaimed Southern gothic drama. Eve Batiste (Jurnee Smollett) is a ten-year-old girl whose father Louis (Samuel L. Jackson) is a successful and well-liked doctor in an African-American community in Louisiana. Louis is a good father and an excellent provider, but he also has a way of attracting the ladies, and he's not inclined to turn them away. One night, the Batistes hold a party, and Eve, her older sister Cisely (Meagan Good), and their mother Roz (Lynn Whitfield) all notice that Louis is spending...


Kasi Lemmons


Samuel L. Jackson Lynn Whitfield Jurnee Smollett Dobbie Morgan Meagan Good

Release date

14 Aug 1998

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