'Retrato De Teresa (Portrait Of Teresa)' movie poster
'Retrato De Teresa (Portrait Of Teresa)' movie poster

Retrato De Teresa (Portrait Of Teresa)

1979 | 1h 43m | Drama

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Teresa is overwhelmed: with a husband, three young sons, a job as a crew leader in a textile factory, and volunteer commitments as cultural leader of her union. Her husband, Ramón, wants more of her attention; her feelings are mixed, wanting domestic peace, feeling responsibilities to the revolution, and wanting to control her own life beyond doing dirty dishes. They separate; he begins an affair. When he wants a reconciliation, she asks what his response would be if she'd had an affair too. "But men are different," is his reply. He's failed her test, and to hold on to independence and self-r...


Pastor Vega


Idalia Anreus Miguel Benavides Samuel Claxton

Release date

01 Aug 1979

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