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2016 | 1h 28m | Comedy Drama Indie

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3.3000000000 out of 5
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3.26 out of 5

A little boy called Remi bravely battles cancer and as a reward, his father Danny brings home a dachsund as a companion, despite protestations from his wife Dina. House-training the animal takes a toll on the family and a hen-pecked Danny takes the tough decision to remove the animal, christened Wiener-Dog, from their home. The pooch ends up in the care of a veterinary nurse called Dawn, who takes Wiener-Dog on a road trip to Ohio in the company of old friend Brandon.


Todd Solondz


Greta Gerwig Keaton Nigel Cooke Tracy Letts

Release date

12 Aug 2016

Showtimes across London

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